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Your Contribution to Climate Protection – Achieve a Lot with Little Money

Compensate you flight now

High-quality myclimate climate protection projects reduce the CO2 emissions from your flight elsewhere and simultaneously improve the living conditions of many people.

This might be through efficient stoves in Kenya, biogas plants in India or reforestation in Nicaragua. There your small compensation payments make a big difference.

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Climate Protection in Concrete Terms!

High-quality myclimate climate protection projects compensate for the climate-polluting emissions from your flight elsewhere. But the projects achieve much more than just CO2 reductions: they make a sustainable contribution locally.

With efficient stoves in Kenya, for instance, people save a lot of money and time. What’s more, their health benefits from reduced smoke emissions.



About myclimate

The charitable foundation myclimate is an internationally focused climate protection initiative with Swiss roots. Since it was established in 2002, myclimate has developed into one of the world’s leading providers in voluntary CO2 compensation. Carbon management services such as lifecycle analyses, assessments and efficiency consulting as well as climate education programmes for school children, trainees and students supplement the offering of the foundation, which is based in Zurich. myclimate’s mission with regard to CO2 emissions is therefore "avoid, reduce, compensate".